Colourful breakfast for Tuesday 🥗

Today breakfast we have chocolate flaxseed sourdough , with sunny side up, Brussels sprouts and some cherry tomatoes…. Gooseberry 😆 Greek yogurt with strawberry and fig…. And avocado 🥑 woohoo!

I love the gooseberry taste not bad, it is from Thailand.

Total estimated calories is about 500kcal 😅 okay… Have a nice day

Bamboo Charcoal Sourdough breakfast ♥️

This is my homemade sourdough, Bamboo Charcoal Sourdough recipe check out my recipe if you would like to make one. Sourdough bread basically you will just need to have a strong starter, then you can use it to make any kind of breads and pancake as well. The 3rd photo left side is peanut fill in the pancakes. Also using my discard starter to make it. If you need the thin pancake recipe do comment in the below.

Alright and today we have pork burger for our breakfast, fried egg🍳 some organic 🥗 fig , avocado and sourdough. Protein is important in our daily food, if you are vegan do find more protein vege to replace the meat protein. Such as spinach, broccoli, edamame …Etc.

Good morning! 🌞

Friday’s breakfast ♥️

Sourdough crepes

Today’s breakfast we have sourdough crepes. Using discard to make this crepes. The recipe will be provided here. The mixed herbs , my favorite fig, mushroom and fried egg.

I love fig. Fig have lots benefits, it contains anti-diabetic properties can support healthy blood pressure too. It also rich in magnesium, magnesium is important for our bone health. I usually just eat one in a day. Every good food you may just eat in moderate, else it will turn to bad benefits if you eat lots. You must take note 😆😘

Sourdough crêpes recipe
* 150g discard starter *1 egg *2tbsp molasses sugar *⅓ salt *vanilla bean extract

Mix all the ingredients well. Heat a pan then pour an amount of the batter to the pan until it’s cooked.

Have a nice day. You may check out my sourdough Instagram with the link

Breakfast ♥ Wednesday

Today’s breakfast we have white beech mushroom, my husband love this mushroom compared with the shiitake mushroom.

Beech mushroom also can be a great meat alternative for vegans. They are rich in protein and of course the dietary fibre and those minerals as well 😍 is good to have it in our breakfast! It actually can serve in whole but I prefer to cut it. One more thing that you must need to cook it so that the nutrients are easily to absorb by our body.

And the sunny side up, our favorite sourdough and vege as well!!

App from FatSecret

So total calories for today’s breakfast will be 400kcal.

Have a nice day ♥️

Sourdough pancakes breakfast

Sourdough pancakes

Sourdough pancakes are my kid’s favorite breakfast. I followed this YouTube VitaLivesFree recipe 👇

You may check it out, very soft and fluffy pancakes. 😋🥞🥞

Once you try, you won’t go back to normal pancakes.😅


  • Discard starter 227grams
  • Sugar 2tbsp
  • 1 egg
  • ⅓ salt
  • ¼ baking soda
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • Soften butter 2tbsp
  • Vanilla bean extract

Mix all the ingredients but don’t over mixer. Use nonstick pan to pan fry it. You can put little oil before pan fry the pancakes. 😊