Breakfast of 2nd July 20

Quinoa with tofu and Brussels sprouts

Here’s our breakfast today.

With fried egg, tofu, quinoa and brussels sprouts! 🎉🎉

Panama filter coffee for the breakfast, and also collagen 😋

Good morning!

Calories breakfast today.

  • Tofu. 100kcal
  • Fried egg 90kcal
  • Brussels sprouts 60kcal
  • Quinoa half cup 111kcal

Total : 361kcal

Breakfast of 11th Mac 2020

Something light and colourful breakfast for the kid and us. 🤩Good morning! And I steamed few sweet potatoes too for our breakfast.🤗
看到这样的早餐多数是因为不够时间准备😂😂 哈哈 .

那么,请问当他老婆听到这话,还会煮吗?😫呵呵 ,当然他老婆会很伤心呀!
幸好我老公这一方面好,就是没有嫌弃我煮的食物🍲!如果他嫌弃,恐怕我也煮不下去了😂😂 小儿子看到这就是爱吃。😆

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Breakfast 3rd Jan 2020

Avocado egg toast

Avocado eggs toast for my breakfast today! My younger son Vern loves Scrambled eggs 😍 , just simple scrambled eggs with some salt and pepper, put on top of the bread. Cut the avocado to slices, sprinkler with some sesame.

While the Mizuna, my husband love it. Perfect for salad, I just put few on the plate for plating, and I did prepared another bowl of salads for him as well. Mizuna taste bit like herbs. Its actually high in immune boosting vitamin C , iron and folate.

Information was from Google.

Good morning! Be grateful always!😍


🍒Cherry   2                           10kcal
🍞Wholemeal bread 1slice 55kcal
🥑Avocado(120g x ½ )      120kcal
🍳Scrambled eggs 1.5      149kcal
🥗 Mizuna 100g                    29kcal
🥝Kiwi  ½                                38kcal

🥗Pittaya 30g                         18kcal

Total estimated calories  🤗  419kcal

Breakfast 2nd Jan 2020🍎🥑


Ⴆɾҽαƙϝαʂƚ 2020

🍎Apple    95kcal
🍞Wholemeal bread 1slice 55kcal
🥑Avocado 108kcal
🍗AFchicken breast(no oil) 130kcal

Total estimated calories 388kcal

My first breakfast in year 2020.🥰🥰 Air-fry chicken breast no oil added. Marinated with salt , bit soy sauce and pepper. Preheat the AF 5mins, then airfry for 10mins. Avocado I added some chiaseed and some seaweed.

An apple rose for my 2020 first breakfast, good morning everyone!